AP World History

Course description
This advanced Placement course traces the course of World History from prehistory to Modern Times. This class is a preparation for the AP World History test and will give students a comprehensive overview of World History. The format of this class will be similar to the format of many college courses, the content and work will by rigorous and expectations will be raised accordingly. This class will be focusing on the six overreaching themes of World History:

1. Interaction between humans and the environment

2. Development and interaction of cultures

3. State-building,expansion, and conflict

4. Creation,expansion, and interaction of economic systems

5. Development and transformation of social structures

These themes will be examined by looking at six different periods in world history.

            Unit 1 – Foundations- 500 B C.E.

            Unit 2 – 500 B.C.E-500 C.E.

            Unit 3 – 500-1500

            Unit 4 – 1450-1750

            Unit 5- 1750-1914